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Do you want to enjoy visibility in crowded and inaccessible places? do you want to make your product or event stand out through targeted, ethical and ecological distribution? the modern mobile marketing company, Advertising Solution, will be your partner in marketing visibility by taking on the role of an ambassador. ALSO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR DIGITAL MARKETING KNOW-HOW: DESIGN, GRAPHICS, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, WRITING AND SOCIAL MEDIA! With Advertising Solution you will be seen!

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Dynamic advertising by bicycle and on foot: a personalised service unique in Belgium

Our team acts as your brand's ambassador using strategic placement to target your chosen audience in a precise and direct manner. Our ambassadors travel by bicycle or on foot where necessary.

Transmit your message to pedestrians in the heart of Brussels, at weekly markets, on university campuses, in the Bois de la Cambre on weekends, etc. We will distribute your marketing messages by bike with large advertising banners or dynamic screens in a 9:16 format.

Your message is transmitted instantly

Multilingual, our ambassadors are decked out in the livery colours of your brand, your product or your event! Do you want a specific style or a costume? Our ambassadors will wear the uniform of your choice and will travel the chosen area to get your message across in a modern and innovative way. Discover our effective and personalised service options which will meet your exact needs.

Adept in unrushed mobility, our ambassadors only travel by bike or on foot 7 days a week and can do so at any time.

We are a rapidly expanding mobile advertising company working across Belgium. Our ambassadors will carry out tailor-made campaigns, in accordance with your expectations, as well as ensuring that the target audience can always be reached. Our mobile signage services aim to promote your business with clear and dynamic messaging.

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Communication and street marketing

The guiding principle is to identify areas where there are plenty of passers-by or a gathering of people in order to reach the public with an often unexpected approach.

We are present throughout your campaign

We take the time to understand your needs so that we can offer you solutions that are adapted to your needs. Indeed, depending on your geographic location, certain approaches, such as using a bicycle, may not be appropriate. This is why if the bike is not suitable, we can offer you the option of our backpack screens.

We also take care of planning the routes that your ambassadors will take according to your needs and follow them up using GPS. At the end of a campaign, a footfall report is made using a GPS tracker.

Take advantage of our digital marketing services. We create your content: design, graphics, SEO, writing, voice-over, video editing and social networks!

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each tree is ...

We focus on ecology because it is one of the most important things today. This is why after each campaign carried out using our mobile screens, we commit to planting a tree.

Each tree is: 

CLIMATE              0.15 tonnes de CO² stored
BIODIVERSITY    3 animal shelters created
HEALTH               4 months of oxygen generated
EMPLOYMENT    1 hour of work created

What are the services offered by Advertising Solution?

A marketing campaign very often requires the presence of fully equipped hosts who will roam the streets on your behalf. We are also able to provide you with:

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers

You are a student and are looking for a job with flexible hours?

Don't hesitate to apply to Advertising Solution. we will study your application carefully.

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Un grand merci à Advertising Solution Belgique d'avoir mis du personnel gracieusement à disposition pour récolter 150 kg de denrées alimentaires non périssables pour les bénéficiaires des Restos du Coeur de Saint-Gilles. Les écrans ont permis d'apporter de la visibilité à cette action. Merci!🥰

Marie Tombu - 02/04/2020


Merci pour ce service impeccable , je recommande 👍

Luk Le Loup - 22/03/2020


Ravie du service👌 merci bcp

Nad Jll - 09/04/2020


Super vos écrans 👍Merci pour vos services originaux, ça change!

Youssef Badri - 20/03/2020